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Supporting you through covid-19

The changing landscape

Covid-19 and your wellbeing

Boris Johnson announced the lockdown measures on 23rd March 2020.  Since 2nd February we were introduced to the necessity of hand washing for at least 20 seconds initially to the tune of 'Happy Birthday' twice.  Then we were introduced to the idea of Social Distancing in early March.

We have had to change how we behave since all these measures have been introduced.  In fact evidence shows that to change a habit can take up to 66 days, if that is the case then some people will really struggle as lockdown measures are slowly eased and things begin to return to a very 'new normal'.

Most people have been touched by covid-19 in some way.  Whether it is by being infected and recovering; shielding due to being vulnerable or very sadly losing a loved one to the disease.

We are now as a country moving into the next phase of getting the economy going  but the political and scientific landscape is maybe in some conflict and this will only increase the stress and anxiety that some people will feel.

Feelings I may have

What feelings may  feel as lockdown eases?

Stressed and not feeling prepared for the changes ahead? 


Anxious about the increased risk of infection as communities start to become more active?

Angry or frustrated - some people not following the rules, or some people seem to have more freedom than you do.  Unable to return to normal, go on holiday abroad or have a browse around the shops or just go out for coffee and a catch up with a friend or family member

Insecure - you have become used to your lockdown habits that have formed and feel uncomfortable to change them

Grief - you may being feeling unable to cope with loss experienced during this time and not being able to share your feelings or to spend time with a loved one before they passed away, or to celebrate their life at their funeral

Lack of motivation - before lockdown you may have felt excited about holidays; maybe wedding plans; birthday parties or sharing a new baby to the extended family but now you have lost the enthusiasm these events usually bring for you.

Powerless - decisions about what happens seems out of your control, maybe your job; financial difficulties; moving home; relocating to another country

Relationship difficulties - you find yourself unhappy or discontented in your relationship. 

The list of feelings that people maybe experiencing right now and struggling to cope is not exhaustive.

Help and support

How do I get help to cope with these feelings?

Social distancing and social isolation has presented many new challenges to our mental health and well-being, human beings are driven to be in relationship and to be with people, this pandemic has taken that away and enforced a change in natural behaviour.


Engaging in counselling can really help to reduce the impact from the pandemic and enable you to enjoy life again with a renewed energy to your daily life.

I am able to offer brief therapy or longer term therapy.


The global pandemic has generated some difficult feelings and Covid–19 counselling can help you overcome or manage these feelings.  Swale Counselling with Penny Wicks is currently providing through Zoom video or telephone sessions.

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